Learn Anger Management Skills Based on Neuroscience

Calm Any Angry Person (Including Yourself)
 in 90 Seconds or Less

Watch this video to see how you can do it!

How would your life change if you could:

... Break the tension in your relationships almost instantly

...Calm yourself in seconds using skills that work with your brain rather than pop psychology

... Defuse angry arguments in seconds

... Get to the heart of your child's outbursts

... Open communication with your sullen teenager

... Stop fights and arguments instantly
"De-Escalate has been the most profound life-changing training I have ever put my time and effort into. I am a Clinical Psychotherapist graduating with high honors. My focus is cognitive rehabilitation with a specialty in neuroscience and brain injury. Through your work, I am a much better person, therapist, mother, friend, wife, and all the other roles I play in life. This training should be a requirement for all clinical therapists to read. I learned more from you than all my work in grad school in reference to seeing the big picture." T.J., Psychotherapist
"De-Escalate really works! I work as an EMT part-time and responded to an EDP (emotionally disturbed person) in a nursing home who broke a window in anger. I used a de-escalate phrase a few times and the patient relaxed, allowed me to take his vital signs and was very cooperative by the time the police arrived. He then voluntarily got on the stretcher and apologized for his behavior and didn’t have to be restrained for the ride to the hospital."
W.R., Emergency Medical Technician

Here's What De-Escalate Will Teach You

  • Calm Any Angry Person (Including Yourself) In Seconds
  • Be Perfectly Calm In The Face Of Intense Anger
  • Learn the Real SECRET For Lasting Emotional Connection With Those You Love
  • Discover Your True Egoless Self
  • And So Much More...

Finally! See How Easily You Can Calm Any Angry Person ... Guaranteed!

Never be de-railed by insults, disrespect, or verbal attacks again!

Develop true compassion and communication between you and anyone that picks a fight with you.

These are the skills that will lead to an emotionally satisfying life for you and your entire family.

Not only is that cool... but check this out!

"I attended Doug Noll's De-Escalation training sessions last year. In comparison with all of the trainings my school district provided to all teachers over my past 25 years in the district, I found his training to be the most valuable and relevant for all stakeholders, hands down."

Paul Germain
High School Teacher

The De-Escalate Video Course

7 Video Lessons ($799 value)

The De-Escalate Master Workbook ($89 value)

Complete Audio Files ($99 value)

BONUS LESSON: How to Have a Calm Conversation With the Politically Polarized (Value $199)

BONUS LESSON: How to Calm an Angry Child in 60 Seconds (Value: PRICELESS!)

Total Value $1,100+

You Pay Only $499.00

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If, within 30 days of purchase, this course does not exceed your expectations, I will happily refund your payment.

Stop All Fights and Arguments Instantly
You will get immediate access to the De-Escalate Video Course as well as all of the bonus tools.

Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA

Lawyer, Peacemaker, Visionary, Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Teacher will reveal the secrets of calming anyone down in seconds.
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