Start the Ripple
"[These] techniques [have] allowed me to go into a room and mediate a conflict between some guys who were on the verge of killing each other. These tools created a process that allowed them to communicate and walk away while saving face."

Prison of Peace Inmate, Valley State Prison, California
Be Empowered in Every Moment
This project is about teaching you listening, communication, and de-escalation skills that allow you to spread respect, compassion, and wisdom throughout your community.

These skills have transformed the lives of thousands of people just like you.
  • Calm an angry child or teenager in 90 seconds or less
  • Listen to your spouse in a way that will transform your marriage
  • Turn anger into understanding quickly and efficiently
  • Remain present and calm no matter what anyone says to you
  • Create real, sustainable peace in your family, your work, your school, your church and your community
  • Become a powerful respected leader
  • Live a centered, calm, empowered life regardless of the drama around you
'Our Asperger grandson flew into a rage last week because his sister appeared to “get credit” for a comment the two of them made at the same time. Linda had listened closely to my description of your teaching and she said to our grandson, “You feel you haven’t been listened to.” He immediately affirmed her statement and then she said, “That makes you feel bad.” Within 10 seconds, the listening and communication skills you taught us restored calm and reduced a normally escalating set of circumstances into a calm that might otherwise have taken hours to achieve. Thanks!'

Larry B., Nashville TN
How It Works
This is a different type of online workshop. The best way to learn and master the de-escalation communication skills is by practice and with coaching. That's what this program provides. You purchase the online course and materials, preferably through a trained facilitator who knows you. You go through the course in about four hours with a trusted friend. Then get 4 weekly coaching sessions online in a small group session with your facilitator. By the end, you should have solid mastery to de-escalate anyone anytime.
Learn On-Line
Online training means you can take the lessons when you want. You can repeat the lessons as often as you want. You can work anywhere you have Internet access. You can attend the coaching sessions online too. Efficient, effective, modern learning of 21st century skills.
Coaching Customized For You
In teaching these skills to thousands of people over ten years, we have learned that coaching over a period of time is essential to mastery. Doug Noll has trained people with a strong desire to serve others as facilitators and coaches. Every week for four weeks, you can attend an online small group session to ask questions, learn from others, practice your skills, and build community. 
Your Investment
Purchase the online video course and downloadable materials and attend 4 weekly coaching sessions online.  Your investment: $360.00. Start immediately.
'"Your work has been the most profound life-changing training I have ever put my time and effort into. I am a Clinical Psychotherapist graduating with high honors. My focus is cognitive rehabilitation with a specialty in neuroscience and brain injury.

Through your work, I am a much better person, therapist, mother, friend, wife, and all the other roles I play in life. This training should be a requirement for all clinical therapists. I learned more from you  than all my work in grad school in reference to seeing the big picture."

T. J.
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